martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Jim Rohn Says Getting Rich is Easy! Do you Believe it?

Jim Rohn Getting Rich is Easy
He mentioned three simple facts that contributed to his success:

1. He lives in America. 
No wonder there’s a lot of people trying to move to America. Jim said, America is easy! He must be pertaining to lifestyle and cost of living. America simply is incomparable to countries like Bangladesh, India, China, Africa, etc., where life is hard. Our location really plays a huge factor towards our success. If you are an American, the pressure is on ya!

2. He found an Opportunity. 
They say America is a land of opportunity. We have to find opportunities and grab them. Try and try until we find that right opportunity that suits our skills, passion, and situation. With the right opportunity, we can make a fortune out of it.

3. He found a Teacher. 
Jim credits his success to his teacher who was willing to teach. How good it is when somebody tells us that we have evidently messed up and give us an encouragement that we can have a fresh start and make it work in the next 5-6 years! Jim Rohn became a millionairein six years! Very encouraging. We cannot be Jim but having a teachable spirit, we can find our way. Success after all in not all about money.

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